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20 Reasons to Support the Snuggle Up with a Book Ball

  1. Because I enjoy having bestselling authors visit Johnson County.

  2. Because I am introduced to new books to read through authors I've met at Authors at JCPL events.

  3. Because I am able to ask authors questions about their books at Authors at JCPL events.

  4. Because I received a free signed book at an Authors at JCPL event.

  5. Because I get so excited to meet authors of books I've read! 

  6. Because I support lifelong learning.

  7. Because I am an avid reader.

  8. Because Jack Carr asked me to RSVP.

  9. Because Craig Johnson invited me last year.

  10. Because I might win an awesome door prize!

  11. Because I love having a library card.

  12. Because my book club loves attending Authors at JCPL events.

  13. Because I am considering becoming a library cardholder.

  14. Because I am an introvert who loves to snuggle up and read!

  15. Because I am an extrovert who loves being the host with the most!

  16. Because I believe in keeping libraries a space for everyone!

  17. Because my kids love Bibli and want to join his team.

  18. Because I can't wait to hear which authors will come to Johnson County in 2024!

  19. Because love Johnson County.

  20. Because I love Johnson County Public Libraries.

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