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I am honored to invite you to join me in participating in the fifth annual Snuggle Up with a Book Ball. What could be better than spending an evening snuggled up with a book, maybe one of my books, and supporting the JCPL Foundation? Thanks to the Foundation’s support, I met many Johnson County residents at my Authors at JCPL visit at the Historic Artcraft Theatre last summer.

Your Johnson County Public Libraries provide equal access to personal and professional development information and resources. JCPL facilities host thousands of community meetings annually. Library staff connect residents with resources to improve lives, and many programs encourage citizens to increase their skills. With your help, the JCPL Foundation can make your Library even better. With a commitment to promoting life-long learning, the Foundation is dedicated to funding unique learning opportunities, transforming experiences from the cradle through retirement.

Libraries have always been my sanctuaries, shaping both my imagination and worldview. As a child growing up with a mother who was a librarian, I found solace and inspiration on the shelves through the books she curated. Those early experiences instilled in me a profound appreciation for books and reading. Libraries, to me, represent not just repositories of information but gateways to adventure, wisdom, and personal growth. They embody the values of accessibility, community, and the preservation of our shared human narrative. Every Library has a unique magic that transcends time, fostering a love of learning that I carry with me to this day.

By donating and not attending the Snuggle Up with a Book Ball, you will support your Library's work to improve our community’s quality of life and literacy. There are two ways to participate. Become a team captain and create your event on February 24. Ask friends, neighbors, co-workers, or book club members to join you for a book-reading party at your home or a coffeehouse. Or, stay at home with a good book to read on your own – it's your choice. It's as simple as making a gift to the JCPL Foundation to support Authors at JCPL.



Jack Carr

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