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Be a Snuggle Up Team Captain

Creating a team is another option to join the Snuggle Up with a Book Ball and help bring award-winning authors to Johnson County as part of our Authors at JCPL series. If you are the kind of person who loves socializing, this option is for you.


As a team captain, you can organize your own event. For example:

  • Invite your book club over to your home for a Book Ball party.

  • Host a loungewear party with your family. Slippers optional, books required!

  • Meet with friends for coffee or tea at your home or a local coffeehouse and read.

  • Reserve a public space at a JCPL Branch to meet and read with your team.

  • Create an online Facebook event and check in with your friends as they snuggle up.

  • You don't have to plan an event. Be a team whose members stay home and read individually.


Being a team captain gives you the opportunity to attend a very special author event. Your team and the individual that donates the highest amount wins a private event with a future Authors at JCPL visiting author. As a team captain, you will receive a commemorative gift.


If you want to join a team, or have a small team and want to connect with another team, we can help! Submit your information here to connect with a team.


Team captains go here to register your team. You will be asked to include your team name, the names of your team members. You can add team members and your donation later. You can donate for yourself or all members of your team. Or each team member can make their own Snuggle Up donation here. They’ll be required to enter your team’s name so your team gets credit for all the funds you raise.


On February 25, join the conversation on our Facebook page and share your Snuggle Up experience. Share a group selfie or a photo of the book (or books!) you’re reading instead of attending. Remember to use the hashtag #JCPLSnuggleUp.

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