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Our Next Book Ball is February 22, 2025
An invitation from 2024 Book Ball Chair Jack Carr

Help the JCPL Foundation Bring Award-Winning Authors to Our Community

“I am honored to invite you to join me in participating in the fifth annual Snuggle Up with a Book Ball. What could be better than spending an evening snuggled up with a book, maybe one of my books, and supporting the JCPL Foundation? Thanks to the Foundation’s support, I met many Johnson County residents at my Authors at JCPL visit at the Historic Artcraft Theatre last summer.”
Read Jack’s entire invitation here.

How to Not Attend

February can bring unpredictable weather, but with the Snuggle Up with a Book Ball, you needn't lift a finger to attend unless it's to turn your page. The Snuggle Up with a Book Ball is a stay-at-home event where all you need to do to participate is donate and then crack open a good book on Saturday, February 24!

Your donations help the JCPL Foundation bring "New York Times" bestselling and award-winning authors to our community as part of our Authors at JCPL series.


Three ways to participate from the comfort of your home: 

  • As an individual or team member: Donate any amount, stay at home, snuggle up and read.

  • As a Team Captain: Invite friends/family to be a part of your team and host a gathering or remote reading party. Learn about Snuggle Up teams here.

  • Kids can join Team BibliLearn more here.​​

The team and the individual that donates the highest amount receive:

  • Front-row seating at 2024 Authors at JCPL events.

  • A signed poster from one of the 2024 visiting authors.

Win Door Prizes

  • Starting at noon on the day of the Snuggle Up with a Book Ball, we award hourly door prizes to someone who has donated. Winners are posted on the JCPL Foundation Facebook and Instagram pages.



  • Anytime and for as long as you wish to celebrate on Saturday, February 24, 2024.



  • Wherever you are—wrapped up in a quilt by a fireplace with your furry friend, in a coffee shop, at your friend’s team gathering, or anywhere your book leads you!





  • Grab a book (or several) and read! Support the Authors at JCPL series to continue to bring award-winning and "New York Times" bestselling authors to Johnson County by donating what you would spend at a fancy gala! Share your love for JCPL on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #JCPLBookBall.



  • Wear whatever you like!


​Food & Drink

  • The menu is entirely up to you!


Guests are Optional

  • While the Snuggle Up with a Book Ball is a perfect activity for one, feel free to invite your family, friends, children, your book club members, cats, dogs, or anyone who loves to read that you love to read with!


Donation Levels

  • ​Potter’s Pals <$50

  • Alcott’s Ambassadors: $50-$149

  • Shakespeare’s Scholars: $150-$249

  • Austen's Angels: $250+

Snuggle Donation Tracker (31).png

Take a Closer Look

2024 Book Ball Donors


Hannah Abraham
Tinsley Alsop
Tristan Alsop
Bethany Appleton Joseph
Anna Baney
Lucy Bartley
Lee Ann Blazer
Sarah Brutus
Gale Branigin Good
Sheri Burk
Erin Cataldi
Kelli Clarke
Devin & Heather Clawson
Sara Colburn-Alsop
Kim Devine
Richel Dillard
Pamela Dobbs
Karen Duvall
Ellen Engelking
Elyssa Everling
Kristin Flora

Mandi Forgue
Rebecca Gant
Beth Guerrettaz
Brandi Hall
Brianna Hall
Drew Hall

Nicholas Haywood
Claudia Heidelberger
Connie Henderson
Marcia Hobbs
EB Hooyer

Hannah Ingram
Lindsey Johnson
Emily Kennedy
Colleen Kincaid
Karen Kincaid
Stephanie Kneeland

Brenda Kolb
Holly Kubancsek
Kara Larkin
Phyllis Lewis
Glen Lowry
Lyra - Lisa Lintner's Cat

Chester - Lori Davidson's Dog
Lynn Mathena
Jeanna Mattison
Monica Miles

Holly Miller
Melissa Miller
Luann Miner
Jane Mitchell

Teresa O'Connor
Kristin Parisi
Charlotte Parrot
Wendy Preillis
Diana R.
Andrea Robinson
Doug Ryan
Lucy Ryan
Kimberly Short
Rebekah Smith
Mackenzie Steagall
Megan Stephens-Clements
Jenn Stockdill
Sarah Stoel
Laura Summers
Nicole Thompson
Rachel Tonte

Victoria Tonte
Rebecca Wallace
Shelby White
April Windisch
Katie Woolen
5 Anonymous Donors


G. Richard Alsip
Robin Angle
Charla Anspach
Denise Beck
Jessie Biggerman
Jane Bingham

Judy Borron
Tim & Jessica Briscoe
Susan Buckmaster

Meg Butcher
Pam Caito
Kierstin Carnahan
Becky Courtney-Knight
Dana Cummings
Carol Davis

Erin Davis
Karen Davis
Cheryl DiPietro
Barb Dobbs
Barb Dunn
Elizabeth Dusold

Katherine Elmer
Andrea Esche

Barbara Everling
Brenda Ferguson
Andrea Fisher
Jan Fredbeck
Stephanie Freed
Andrea & Justin Gash
Chele Heid
Kristen Hewett
Ryan Ann Hoagland
Peggy Johnson
Kelsey Kasting

Christina Kirk
Edward Kistler

Wesley Klutts
Mary Kooi
Bree Kreuzman
E Lehman

Tiffany Ludlow
Alisha Masbaum
Jacqueline McNeelan
David & Susan McRoberts

Dana Monson
Myra Otto
Monica Park
Jennifer Parker
Cindee Phillips
Jamie Poynter

Marti Ramsey
Henry & Alvin - The Ratcliff's Dogs
Judith Reid
Jayne Rhoades
Loriann Sandrock
Betsy Schmidt
Brad & Marti Schrock

Leslie Sering
Gigi Shook

Tandy Shuck
Kelly Staten
Sarah Taylor
Ellen Tjarks
Nancy VanArendonk
Kathy Vest
Wendy Whittaker
Sharon Wilson
Eleanor Windisch
Kristine Wood
Anne Young
9 Anonymous Donors



Merilee Allen
Kirk & Cheryl Bixler
Kristy Brown
Susan Crisafulli
Dr. Lori Davidson & Jody Veldkamp
Caleb & Rachel Drake

Dianne Heid
Holly Kincaid
Craig & Morna McCall
Kate Taylor
2 Anonymous Donors


Gretchen Beaman
Diane Black
Jack Carr
Amanda Cooper & John Abbott
Heather Daily

Jo Jurgenson
Gerard LaBonte
Lisa Lintner
Brooke Weddle
1 Anonymous Donor

Teams & Team Captains

Winning Team: Gone with the Gin / Captain: Andrea Gash
Team Bibli / Captain: Bibli
Members: Conner, Ellie, Evie, Hannah, Kinsley, Logan, Orion
Day Dreamers / Captain: Brandi Hall
@BestLoveBooks / Kierstin Carnahan
Zeta Reads! / Captain: Brenda Ferguson

Best Book Buddies / Captain: EB Hooyer
On The Same Page / Captain: Chele Heid

Bookshop Betties / Captain: Jennifer Parker
Reece's Never Quit-ters / Captain: Lisa Lintner
Ravenclaw Readers /
Captain: Jennifer Stockdill
Amoureux de Livres / Captain: Jessie Biggerman
Reading is My Abili /
Captain: Gretchen Beaman
The Read Wine Club / Captain: Loriann Sandrock
Not Your Mom's Book Club / Captain: Jeanna Mattison 

Grim and Dante's Dearest Readers / Captain: Leslie Sering
Snuggle Pup Co-Captains: Henry & Alvin - The Ratcliff's Dogs
Reading Heathens / Co-Captains: Erin Cataldi & Elyssa Everling
Doggone Lazy / Co- Captains: Shumai & Scampi - Bri & Katie's Dogs
Cooper's Next Chapter (In Memory of Cooper Tonte) /
Captain: Rachel Tonte

Thank you to everyone who RSVP’d, donated and snuggled up in 2023.
Find their names here.
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