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The Johnson County Public Library Foundation’s Silver Tree Society members tell their stories about why they decided to leave a legacy through planned giving or a deferred gift.


“Libraries have the power to transform lives and communities through learning. I still cherish the countless hours spent at my schools’ libraries reading, shelving, and assisting with circulation. My years volunteering as an English as a second language tutor and serving on the JCPL Foundation have broadened my appreciation for the services the Library provides to our community.

As a member of the Silver Tree Society, I ensure that JCPL will continue to provide transformative experiences for future generations.”

Caleb Drake


“My involvement with JCPL goes back more than ten years. My husband Kiyoki and I had just moved to Franklin. I was looking for a place to study English. I found the Adult Learning Center (ALC) at Johnson County Public Library (JCPL)—the ALC manager, Wendy Preilis, went above and beyond in helping me with my English. At various events over the years, I met several of her peers. Waiting for my husband to come home from work each day, I met many wonderful people in our community.

There is no better way to give back to JCPL than serving the community as Circulation Manager at Johnson County Public Library - Trafalgar Branch. I realize that our Library is the heart of our community, bringing together residents of all ages and backgrounds to share in learning. My goal is to create a happy place for my team peers and our patrons to meet new friends and share a meal /coffee/tea with their loved ones. My hope is to bring like-minded people together, looking for possible collaboration with local organizations in order to create a more sustainable community. By joining the Silver Tree Society, I will be helping to support the future of the Library.

A little help, I believe, goes a long way, and you don’t need to be wealthy to leave a meaningful legacy. I encourage you to consider joining me as a member of the Silver Tree Society to support the Library. Thank you!

Kayou Li

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“We must all tend the garden where we are planted. For me, that is the Johnson County Library Foundation Silver Tree Society. I support the Silver Tree Society's work as it focuses on the future of libraries. Through planned giving, we help keep our library branches healthy, innovative, full of knowledge, and places where everyone is welcome. Join today and make a difference tomorrow!”

Diane Black

Please consider joining Caleb, Diane and Kayou as a member of the Silver Tree Society!

Leave a legacy to the JCPL Foundation through planned giving or a bequest.

Learn more about the Silver Tree Society by requesting information using this form.

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