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Howdy Friends,


It’s Craig Johnson, and it’s my honor to invite you to join me in participating in the fourth annual Snuggle Up with a Book Ball. What could possibly be better than spending an evening snuggled up with a book… Okay, maybe one of mine, and supporting the Johnson County Public Library Foundation? Thanks to the Foundation’s support, I was fortunate enough to travel from Johnson County, Wyoming to Johnson County, Indiana and meet all the fine folks at the Authors at JCPL event at the Historic Artcraft Theatre last summer.  


There are twelve Johnson Counties in the U.S., but there’s only one Johnson County, Indiana. I think you can judge the quality of a community by the strength of its libraries and your Johnson County Public Libraries provide equal access to information and resources for personal and professional development—which is quite a feat. JCPL facilities host thousands of community meetings annually, and Library staff connects residents with resources to improve lives with a multitude of programs that encourage citizens to increase their life skills. With your help, the JCPL Foundation can make your Library even better. With a commitment to promoting lifelong learning, the Foundation is dedicated to funding unique opportunities to learn, with transforming experiences from the cradle through retirement.


There’s a reason why my Sheriff Walt Longmire’s office is an old Carnegie Library, in that he provides a public service not unlike the librarians of Johnson County. I was once asked by a reader what Walt’s superpower was, and I replied—he reads. Only those of us that read understand the power and enlightenment that a healthy library system can bring into the lives of its residents. Walt is haunted by books, and I hope you are too.


 By donating, and not attending the Snuggle Up with a Book Ball, you will be supporting the Johnson County Library’s work to improve the quality of life and literacy in your community and to bring more great writers to the Authors at JCPL series, maybe even authors that don’t come from one of the other eleven Johnson Counties.


I hope you’ll join me in this year’s Snuggle Up with a Book Ball--the great news is you don’t have to wear uncomfortable clothes, make small talk, or try and dance—just donate and snuggle up with a book. What could be better than that?


All the best,

Craig Johnson

Author of the Walt Longmire Series

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