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2024 Snuggle Up with a Book Ball
Help the JCPL Foundation Bring Award-Winning Authors to Our Community

A word from 2023 chair Craig Johnson

“It’s Craig Johnson, and it’s my honor to invite you to join me in participating in the fourth annual Snuggle Up with a Book Ball. What could possibly be better than spending an evening snuggled up with a book… Okay, maybe one of mine, and supporting the Johnson County Public Library Foundation?”
Read Craig’s entire letter here.

Thank You to Everyone Who Donated, Snuggled Up & Didn't Attend in 2023


Hannah Adams Ingram

Dawn Anderson

Gail Branigan-Good

Erin Cataldi

Devin, Heather & Evie Clawson

Sara Colburn-Alsop

Greyson Cooper

Hudson Cooper

Parker Cooper

Raquel Cooper

Ryan Cooper

Erica Cuatlacuatl

Athena Dabalos

Sarah Davis

Barbara Dobbs

Mary Joyce Donathen

Regina Eddington

Summer Ehresman

Elyssa Everling

Barbara Everling

Brenda Ferguson

Mandie Forgue

Andrea Gash

Kara Larkin

Brandi Hall

Bri Hall

Drew Hall

Holly Hostetler

Cassandra Jones

Sara Kinder

Brenda Kolb

Hanna Kottlowski

Holly Kubancsek

Sue Larmore

Christine Locke

Phyllis Lewis

Tiffany Ludlow

Morna McCall

Anna Miles

Deborah Miller

Holly Miller

Elizabeth Moffett

Jenny Moore

Cindy Murphy

Charlotte Parrott

Kristin Parisi

Heather Petro

Wendy Preilis

Sarah Rafferty

Patricia Richards

Andrea Robinson

Doug Ryan

Lucy Ryan

Jene Schantz

Kimberly Short

Aniston Stanley

Sammantha Sturgeon

Jennifer Vance

Melissa Wall

Sarah Webb

Sarah Wright


Michele Batt

Jane Bingham

Tim Briscoe

Kristy Brown 

Meg Butcher

Paul Corsaro

Susan Crisafulli

Elizabeth Braun

Ed Deiwert

Caleb & Rachel Drake

Doris Dobbs

Mark & Pam Dobbs

Barb Dunn

Elizabeth Dusold

Jenelle Erickson-Bejarano

Barbara Everling

Paula Fleener

Stephanie, Bradley & Owen Fox

Brenda Ferguson

Kristin Flora

Andrea & Ben Fisher

Amanda Hartman

Marcia Hauser

Kristen Hewett

Ryan Ann Hoagland

Julie Kennington

Wes Klutts

Lisa Lintner

Erin Litton

Debbie March

Jackie McNeelan

Susan McRoberts

Mary Miller

Amanda Ott

Jen & Lulu Parke

Cindee Phillips

Carla Popplewell

Carri Randall

Kathleen Ratcliff 

Marti & Brad Schrock

Betsy Schmidt

Judi & Les Seel

Gigi Shook

Nancy Stanton

Kelly Staten

Susie Stinson

Annie Syers

Sarah Taylor

Hope Thompson

Ellen Tjarks

Bob & Vicki Tonte

Joe and Rachel Tonte

Rebecca Trowbridge

Amber Turner

Nathaniel Uhl

Kathy Vest

Eleanor Windisch

Lauren Woodworth

Steve & Anne Young


Gretchen Beaman

Kirk and Cheryl Bixler

Dr. Lori Davidson & Jody Veldkamp

Jan Fredbeck

Dianne Heid

Cheryl Morphew

Nancy Patton


Merilee Allen

Robin Angle

Diane Black

Cindy Cook

Amanda Cooper & John Abbott 

Heather Daily

Jo Jurgensen

Mary Kooi

Craig McCall

Traci O'Rourke

Kate Taylor


Between the Covers / Captain: Linda Briggs

Book Club Babes / Co-Captains: Erin Cataldi & Elyssa Everling

Bunco Babes / Captain Marti Ramsey

Cooper's Next Chapter / Captain: Rachel Tonte

Couch Potato Pie Society (an Only Readers in the Building Production) / Captain: Craig McCall

Day Dreamers / Captain: Brandi Hall

Sheriff Longmire’s Bookshelves / Captain: Lisa Lintner

Team Alsop / Captain Sara Colburn- Alsop 

Team Bibli / Captain: Bibli
Members: Micah, Ruby, Isabella, Tristan, Tinsley, Connor, Darwin, Elton

Team Vance – Captain: Jennifer Vance

Tequila Mockingbird / Captain: Kate Taylor

We Like Big Books and We Cannot Lie / Captains: Jen & Lulu Parker 

Zeta Reads Book Club / Captain: Brenda Ferguson

Who knows what to expect from the weather in February? That is why the JCPL Foundation holds the Snuggle Up with a Book Ball, an event you don’t attend. All you need to do is register, donate and ask others not to attend with you. Then, on February 24, you just snuggle up with a book anywhere, anytime, with anyone or no one.

Your donations help the JCPL Foundation bring The New York Times bestselling authors to our community as part of our Authors at JCPL series.


Two Ways to Not Attend

  • Donate any amount, stay at home, snuggle up and read. Just like always.

  • You have the option to be a team captain. Learn about Snuggle Up teams here.​​

The team and the individual that donates the highest amount win something special. To be announced later.

Win Prizes for Not Attending

Starting at noon on the day of the Snuggle Up with a Book Ball, we award hourly door prizes to someone who is not attending. Winners are posted on the JCPL Foundation Facebook page.


Anytime and for as long as you wish to celebrate on Saturday, February 24, 2024.



Wherever you are—wrapped up in a quilt by a fireplace, on your sofa with your cat, in a coffee shop or anywhere your book leads you!



Grab a book (or several) and read! Support the Authors at JCPL series to continue to bring award-winning, New York Times bestselling authors to Johnson County by donating what you would spend on a fancy gala! Share your love for JCPL on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #JCPLSnuggleUp.


Black tie pajamas, evening gown pajamas, regency era costumes, sweats, t-shirts, jeans or whatever you are in the mood for.


Food & Drink

A proper mug of tea and shortbread, hot cocoa and buttered toast, Cabernet Sauvignon and extra sharp cheddar cheese, cappuccino and a glazed cake doughnut, or cherry Coke with hot Cheetos—anything goes!


Guests are Optional

While Snuggle Up with a Book Ball is a perfect activity for one, feel free to invite your loved ones, family, friends, children, your book club members, cats, and dogs!

Donation Levels

  • Potter's Pals: <$50

  • Alcott's Ambassadors: $50-$149

  • Shakespeare's Scholars: $150-$249

  • Austen's Angels: $250+

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