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Public Art

JCPL’s mission is to strengthen the community by connecting people, resources and experiences. Experiences engaging in creativity and innovation can be nurtured through public art. Public art at the new library branch will be guided by an art committee made up of community members and representatives from the Franklin Department of Public Art, the Creative Council of Franklin and art teachers at Clark-Pleasant Schools.

The new Clark Pleasant Library Branch’s public art will be designed to celebrate the rich history and traditions of Johnson County and seeks funding for three projects.

Community Art Project: Ceramic Art Tiles

A section of a wall in the children’s programming area will be covered with decorative ceramic tiles created by community residents. The public art committee will determine how to involve residents and the theme for the art.

Community Art Project: Photographs of Johnson County

Inside the new branch, a photo collage of images of Johnson County will grace one of the prominent walls of our new facility. This community art project includes a photography contest. All residents of Johnson County may submit a photo for consideration in the final piece.

Commissioned Art Project: Celebrating Women in Johnson County Sculpture

This sculpture acknowledges the guidance and strength of women in Johnson County. The preliminary design plan includes a large, open book with a woman standing above it. The sculpture will be placed near the front of the library. Artist Kimberly McNeelan, raised in Whiteland, Indiana has been commissioned for this inspiring work of art.

Naming opportunities for each of the three projects by a business,
individual or memorial/tribute is $30,000 per project.

The total fundraising goal is $90,000.
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