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Nature Trail &
Community Garden

Our area has a strong emphasis on connecting the community to outdoor trails and local food production. The new branch provides an opportunity to have both. This area will provide families and individuals with a place to exercise and connect with nature. The community garden will be integrated into library programming and it will invite the neighborhood to try their hand at food and plant production. They will be tremendous assets to Johnson County.

Fitness & Nature Trail

The asphalt trail will loop around the library and run past the community garden. The plan includes the addition of native plants and trees along the path. Landscaping will help set the scene for an enjoyable stroll while residents exercise.

Community Garden

Inside the trail loop, raised garden beds will allow our patrons to grow a variety of food and plants. Community gardens make it possible for many people to enjoy a resource they could not sustain on their own, a full-fledged garden. The benefits of community gardens include cultivating a healthy lifestyle – of both eating and fitness. The learning experiences for children growing vegetables and flowers is a good introduction to the environment and sustainable food sources.


Additional Landscaping

Part of the funds raised for our outdoor experience will include additional landscaping with native plants and trees near the trail and other parts of the property. Some of the natural grasses and flowers include Fox Sedge, Little Bluestem, Prairie Dropseed, Palm Sedge, Bottle Gentian, Blue Flag Iris, Dense Blazing Star and Purple Coneflower. Desired trees for this project include Sun Valley Maple, Tulip Poplar, Bur Oak, Red Oak, Eastern Redbud and Pagoda Dogwood.

Nature Trail Naming Opportunity: $100,000
Community Garden Naming Opportunity: $30,000

Total Fundraising Goal: $130,000
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