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Early Childhood Learning Zone

We have the exciting opportunity to create a space for children to learn and play year-round. The Early Childhood Learning Zone will be a stimulating 300-square-foot interactive learning area for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to learn through imaginative play. In this space, parents and caregivers can connect while playing and learning with their children.

In conversations with teachers at Clark-Pleasant schools, we learned that one of the largest needs incoming kindergartners face is developing social and emotional skills. The Early Childhood Learning Zone will provide opportunities for cooperative play, allowing children to learn how to navigate social interactions before ever setting foot in a classroom. In this space, families will discover the five early literacy practices that develop early learning skills—reading, singing, talking, writing and playing. By providing a dynamic learning space that is accessible year-round, the Early Childhood Learning Zone will help our youngest community members succeed as they enter kindergarten.

With more than 10,000 children under the age of five in Johnson County, the demographics of our community demand a significant investment in high-quality early learning. Public libraries are uniquely positioned to support engagement in early learning because they are easily accessible and free for all.

Through JCPL’s four branches and various outreach initiatives, we interact with thousands of children, parents and caregivers, including vulnerable populations. We continue to support people as they grow, and we are one of the only services that engage with people to support lifelong learning, beginning in a child’s early years.

Every child deserves a great library and every child in Johnson County will have access to this dynamic learning space. With your generous support, we can give our children a beautiful and lasting gift—a library that inspires imagination and possibility.

The Early Childhood Learning Zone has a naming opportunity of $75,000.
The total fundraising goal is at least $100,000.
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