Read-a-Thon Logo all 435.png

Since you are here, we suspect that you love to read. Now your love of reading can help fund the Enhancing the Story special projects campaign at the new Clark Pleasant Branch.


To get started:

  1. Download this reading log and pledge form.
  2. Ask your family and friends to pledge an amount to donate for every minute you read.

  3. Read, read, read between Oct. 4 and 30, 2021.

At the end of the month, contact your pledgers and let them know how much you read. There are a number of ways they can pay:

  • Pay with a credit or debit card online at

  • Pay with a credit or debit card through Facebook fundraising at The Facebook fundraising option will be set up sometime in October.

  • Mail checks, made payable to JCPL Foundation, to JCPL Foundation, 49 E. Monroe St., Franklin, IN 46131. Write “Read-a-Thon” in the notes field.

  • If they want to pay by cash or check donations, collect the money in an envelope and label it “Read-a-Thon.” Include your pledge form and drop it off at your JCPL branch.

NOTE: If you are a Clark-Pleasant Schools student you can download a special CPCSC Read-a-Thon reading log and pledge form here.